May 10 elections postponed?

Five days away from the most anticipated, and at the same time dreaded May 2010 elections, many a heart skipped a beat while questions and more questions seek answers; protests, demand a firm resolve.

Why postpone the election from May 10 to 2 weeks hence when the stipulations of the Constitution are clear?

We are faced with this dilemma of not only sorting our political beliefs but our belief in the very ideals of democracy itself.

Can we afford a failure of elections? Certainly Not.

Not at this time when we are about to do a major overhaul of our political hierarchy with the hopes of changing our lives and our future for the better.

We should all hope that our government will ensure that the right to suffrage is protected over the personal ambitions of those people to whom they owe a thing or two.

We must stand up for our right to vote.

If it cannot possibly be on May 10, then let it be…but only for a week or so….because when time drags our people, the clamor for the return to manual voting scheme will surface and resurface….which should not be the case.

The reason why we want an automated election is to prevent the rigging and massive cheating. If we will not change and stick to the old ways, we are not just lagging behind….we are fighting for truth and transparency on the wrong footage.


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